What’s New2019-02-14T15:50:30+00:00


PROJECT LINKS IN “MY TASKS”2019-02-13T14:12:38+00:00

Context is king, so now you can see at a glance which of your tasks fits with which project.

NEW PROOF NAME PROMPT2019-02-08T10:46:39+00:00

Untitledproof4 doesn’t have a great ring to it, does it? To help fight untitled proof syndrome, when you upload a file for proofing, a prompt will appear to name it (or skip it for later).

FREE FORM ANNOTATION2019-02-08T10:46:47+00:00

Simply click, draw, and release!

ARCHIVE PROOFS2019-02-08T10:46:53+00:00

Keep your dashboard streamlined and reduce the clutter in your workspace by archiving old proofs.

ANONYMOUS PROOFING2019-02-08T10:46:59+00:00

Need to send a proof for review to someone outside your Mfactor team, like a client or colleague? Voila! Just enter their email address in the ‘Reviewers’ tab of your proof and you’re good to go. No need for them to set up an account!

ANNOTATION USER COLORS2019-02-14T12:19:24+00:00

Give your eyes a break! We are defaulting to different annotation colors for different users on the same proof.

WEBPAGE PROOFING2019-02-08T10:40:57+00:00

Paste a live URL and we’ll capture the site for easy markup and annotation

VIDEO ANNOTATION2019-02-08T10:41:16+00:00

Think a jump cut should be inserted at 1:47? You can make an annotation at exactly that frame

KANBAN/TASK BOARD VIEW2019-02-08T10:41:59+00:00

Organize and monitor projects in a way that makes sense for you and switch views as desired

GROUP TASK ASSIGNMENT2019-02-08T10:41:07+00:00

Assign a task to a group of people, such as Project Managers, when you want a team of people involved

ENHANCED NOTIFICATIONS2019-02-08T10:41:49+00:00

Customize your in-app and email notifications so you only receive the ones you want when you want them

@ MENTIONING IN PROOF ANNOTATIONS2019-02-08T10:41:33+00:00

Need to get someone’s eyes on your feedback? Now, you can choose their username and they’ll be alerted to your annotation — in-app or via email

UPLOAD FILES DURING REQUEST2019-02-08T10:42:30+00:00

Requesters can now upload files during the request process, which means you can collect more context and background info to start projects on the right foot

TASK GROUPS2019-02-08T10:42:48+00:00

Save time by easily creating task groups from your admin dashboard by associating your most common projects with templated tasks

TASK CHECKLISTS2019-02-08T10:42:39+00:00

Go from to-do to to-done with task checklists. Create a checklist for tasks you’re working on, cross off items as you complete them and monitor your progress as you go

STORAGE OVERVIEW2019-02-08T10:42:19+00:00

Keep an eye on how much storage you have and how much you’re using directly from your org settings tab

DELETE PROOFS2019-02-08T10:42:09+00:00

Out with the old and in with the new–remove old, outdated proofs or previous versions to keep your proof dashboard organized and streamlined