Get Stuff Done

Improving Marketing Team Productivity

Making project & process management make sense

Date: Wed, June 12
Time: 11:00 AM ET

In this quick and informative webinar, join Will Goad, Mfactor’s Director of Consulting Services, as he digs into the common pitfalls that can tank your team’s productivity and how a few simple but powerful tweaks to the way you organize your work can save you time, money and creative energy. 

Get Stuff Done is a webinar series brought to you by Mfactor, the project management and proofing solution that talented marketing and creative teams trust to streamline their workflows and eliminate the scourge of busy work.


More about Will Goad:

Will Goad is an advocate. As a consultant and trainer for the last decade, he is dialed in on understanding the various business relationships in an organization and advocating for each of them to each other. He believes that every interaction with sales, marketing, operations and most importantly, the customer, is an opportunity to grow or weaken knowledge, application, and loyalty.