Collaborative project management and proofing for busy marketing and creative teams

Mfactor is built for people–like marketers and creatives–who can’t afford to spend all day managing projects. It’s simple, smart and gives you back the time and energy you need to do amazing creative work.

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Marketing Director

Get the high fives you deserve when you deliver a clear ROI by getting the most from your lean resources and optimizing your team’s time and energy.

Content Marketer

Cut the precious time you spend on coordination when you plan, develop and execute all your campaigns and assets across all channels in a single platform.


Stay in your creative sweet spot and deliver better designs faster with a seamless way to manage versions and organize your stakeholder feedback.

IT Manager

Don’t sweat it. Mfactor is cloud-based and sits on Amazon Web Services, so no applications to manage (or troubleshoot) on your end.

In-House Agency

Build rock-solid relationships with internal customers by simplifying your job request process with our customizable intake form.


Grow your business faster when you improve your client collaboration with a smart, simple feedback and approval process.

Boutique Creative Agency

Drive client satisfaction and repeat business when you collaborate seamlessly with your roster of clients and manage all their deliverables in a single space.

Project Manager

Make your critical role frustration-free by tracking project progress, assigning tasks and resolving bottlenecks before they cost time and money.

We provide the tool. You make the rules.

Perfectly simple proofing and content review

Get all the creative feedback you need, with none of the usual costly, time-consuming frustration. We give you digital proofing, integrated with project management, that encourages effective cross-functional collaboration instead of impeding it. Streamline your content review process and get faster approvals.

Painless job requests

Make it shockingly simple for stakeholders to request the work they need–with no agonizing back and forth over email or in meetings. Create your own drag-and-drop intake forms in minutes and customize them by project type. Never miss another critical detail when you can build out the perfect creative brief templates for your needs.

Workflows that work for you

Every team is different, which is why flexibility is one of the core principles of Mfactor. Set up your system the way you want. Keep tabs on your work in list, board or calendar view. Build task groups to make executing your most common projects more efficient. Create searchable, custom tags to link related projects, tasks and assets together.

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Dare to work differently


Time is your biggest creative asset. We help you make it count with a solution your team can master in minutes not months.


Say hello to a solution built specifically for creative minds. Set up your work in a way that makes sense to you and your team. 


All your proofing and project management needs served by one system. Stop hopping from email to apps and back again to manage your creative workload.

Find the right Mfactor for your needs

Just need to review content quickly?

Mfactor Proof offers streamlined digital proofing and approvals for teams of all sizes.

Want to manage all your team’s work in one place?

Mfactor Pro gives you smart project management and proofing to handle all of your workflows.

Looking for a solution for large marketing organizations?

Mfactor Enterprise helps marketing departments improve output and respond to the changing customer landscape.

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