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A project management solution to inspire delight, not dread

Meet Mfactor by Workgroups. It’s the intelligent project management and proofing solution designed to make marketers’ lives simpler, smarter and more streamlined. We’ve applied our decades of experience in creating productivity and workflow solutions for marketing and creative teams to build a next-gen tool that gives you exactly the functionality your team needs–customizable project request forms, an integrated project hub, time-saving in-app suggestions, cutting-edge proofing–to deliver incredible work without distractions.

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How we stand out

Better, faster feedback on your creative content

Mfactor Proof shortens your feedback cycle to help deliver more dazzling work on deadline. Embrace the ability to see at a glance where bottlenecks are occurring and optimize your review process accordingly. Boost your team’s productivity by removing the need to manage the creative review process manually. Collaborate across your organization or across the world.

  • Unlimited proofs & reviewers
  • Proof version tracking
  • Side-by-side version compare
  • Proof comment threads & discussions
  • @ mentioning capability for reviewers
  • In-line resolution for annotations
  • Support for multiple file types
  • Video proofing add-on available

$13.50/team member/month (annual subscription)
$15/team member/month (monthly subscription)

Project management tailored to marketers’ needs

Collaboration and iteration are the lifeblood of today’s marketing teams. We make both easier and more effective than ever before. Manage your job request process with customizable forms that collect the relevant info you need from your stakeholders to start executing work quickly. Assign tasks to your team, monitor project progress and get real-time status updates in our project hub. Jump into the activity feed to ask burning questions, offer feedback or just hand out high-fives.

Everything in Mfactor Proof +

  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited projects & tasks
  • Project intake & request portal
  • Customizable project request forms & form builder
  • Project templates & task sequence workflows
  • File management
  • Real-time in-app notifications

$45/team member/month (annual subscription)
$50/team member/month (monthly subscription)

A powerful platform to serve all marketing functions

Maximize your marketing organization’s output and respond to the changing customer landscape with more agility than ever before with customizable goal tracking, real-time productivity visibility, KPIs and modules tailored to major marketing functions like PR and brand management.



The marketing landscape may be getting more complex, but your daily work doesn’t have to be.

Mfactor delivers smart project management and intuitive proofing in a scalable solution that grows with your team’s needs and learns from their behavior. We help you unlock greater productivity and deliver better customer experiences. It’s as simple as that.

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About us

Made by marketers for marketers

We know how marketers think, feel and work ​because we are marketers​. We’re also listeners. When ​we were building Mfactor we did a lot of listening. We heard that marketing teams were being asked to do more work with fewer resources, that they were frustrated with the hurdles involved in collaborating with other departments within their organization and that they were looking for tools that not only helped them manage their workflows and channel their creativity, but did so with a UX that mimics the ease and fluidity of their favorite apps. We decided to build the solution marketing teams were clamoring for.

That solution is ​Mfactor​.